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List of Best Android Smartphone under RM1000

Not everyone have a high budget on their expenses especially teenagers. What smartphones they will get under RM1000 for their desire “premium” smartphones? For this reason we been done some research on smartphones in Malaysia, and finally we found three of the most valuable smartphone for teenagers.

6th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014

Next March, Putrajaya will once again host a fiesta like no other in the country. The 6th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014 is organized by AKA Balloon Sdn. Bhd, Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj) and Malaysian Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).The thriving government capital will be converted to a major tourist and visitor attraction site over a four-day period from 27 – 30 March 2014.

Fresh Faces Search 2013 Review

The Fresh Faces Search 2013 was organized by MYC!, Malaysian Youth Community, recorded a total of over 2160 talents nationwide; from north Penang to south Johor from 26 different Universities vying for one of the Top 30 semi-finalist spots. With the contest modelled both on group teamwork and individual strengths, visitors to Tropicana City Mall will be entertained by the contestants’ group choreography, as well as individual performances. 

Julie’s LINE Brown Cookies

The collaboration of Julie’s biscuits and LINE Malaysia just launch a limited edition LINE Brown’s Cookies gift box to celebrate the end of 2013. Julie’s LINE Brown’s Cookies limited edition gift boxes are specially designed by LINE’s professional designers in Korea and customized for this festive season. Each gift box is also complimented with a unique Julie’s bookmark.

Instagram Direct - Private Messaging

Over 150 million Instagramer sharing their moments all around the world during the past three years. Now, Instagram come with new feature called Instagram Direct, a new way to send photo and video message privately to friends.

Honest Coca-Cola Commercial Ever

In early 2013 Coca-Cola started a new ad campaign in which they acknowledged defending aspartame and the safety of artificial sweeteners. The commercials were hypocritical in nature because they encouraged healthy eating habits even though there is nothing healthy about drinking Coke. The Good Liars re-released Coke’s ad “Coming Together” with a new, more honest, voice-over. To date the "honest" version has almost 500,000 more views than Coca-Cola’s actual ad.

Free Starbucks Toffee Nut beverages for 8TV fans

Starbucks Malaysia is offer promotion for 8tv fans on every weekend start from 7 Dec to 22 Dec. The promotion will start on time at 3pm to 4pm with gorgeous and handsome 8tv hosts.

Snapdragon 540 Degree Photo Booth

HTC teamed up with the Qualcomm Snapdragon team to completely re-imagine the photo booth using the HTC One’s groundbreaking UltraPixel Camera. Not only are we able to quickly shoot vivid, true-to-life images with a wide range of colors, we can do it in “bullet time”! Remember the legendary scene from the movie The Matrix where Neo is dodging bullets? The camera does a 360-degree pan around him and time seems to stop.

Angry Birds Go! go-kart game

The popular games, Angry Birds offers a new experience with go-kart game. Instead of shooting the birds, now you can race car with the new "Angry Birds Go". The game offers in a 3D world which similar to other games on market.

Google Maps inspires dog rescue

Patrick Pittenger, a resident of Los Angeles saw the stray dog he'd been feeding for the past month showed on Google Street View. He'd been tempted to adopt the dog and he think is time to actions. He called Hope For Paws, the rescue organization made the dog into the star of a viral video.   Finally, they success persuade the dog go back with them and then named her Sonya.

"Sweetie"created to target Paedophiles Worldwide

A 10 year old computer-generated Filipino girl named “Sweetie” appeared and active on social network. In ten week time, she attracted more than twenty thousand Paedophiles and asking show her naked. 

Global Domino's Week Promotion

Domino's Pizza is inviting the world to join in on the recognized world leader in pizza delivery's largest ever week long promotion, Global Domino's Week, which is underway today. A total of 42 countries will help celebrate the third annual global celebration by promoting 50 percent off menu-priced pizza via online. The number of participating countries has more than doubled from the 19 countries that participated in Domino's first-ever global event in 2011.

The Scarecrow - Short Film & Game

In a dystopian fantasy world, all food production is controlled by fictional industrial giant Crow Foods. Scarecrows have been displaced from their traditional role of protecting food, and are now servants to the crows and their evil plans to dominate the food system. Dreaming of something better, a lone scarecrow sets out to provide an alternative to the unsustainable processed food from the factory.

Next Generation of 7-Eleven

7-Eleven was the biggest convenience store chain with over 50k stores across the world. A new 7-eleven concept store was show up in New York City. According to spoken person Margaret Chabris , it was a location where the brand is testing new concepts and products. They had updated their logo and modernizing 7-Eleven into a brand new concept.

Amber Chia Mesmerized by Pensonic

Pensonic introduces a revolutionary hair beauty product that works on your hair to make it healthier, stronger and more beautiful every day. Sensing growth opportunities in the hair-treatment and hair beauty category, the country’s leading electrical appliance manufacturer decided to launch the latest range of hair beauty products to cater to the demand of the market. The new series of hair beauty products entitled “ Amber Chia Mesmerized by Pensonic” include hair curler and hair dryers, which has a wide range of selection to suit every hair type.

Review on LG Pocket Photo

LG Pocket Photo is a small portable photo printer device. It print with a simply click from your smartphones. It is small and light with weight 215g. You can pick any photo from your photo gallery or a photo you have just taken and print it out anywhere, anytime. Keep your wonderful moment by sharing to your dearest friends and family with multiple printing.

SHOUT! Award 2013 Review

The 4 th edition, SHOUT! Award is proudly brought to you by Main Sponsor L’Oreal Paris. This Award gives recognition to those who have made great impacts and creative breakthroughs in the Malaysian Music, TV & film, radio and the social media scene. The SHOUT! Award 2013 was hold at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil that been air live on 8tv or channel 708 at 8.30pm.

Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale

The weather turned cold, people accustomed to dispelling the cold with cup of hot tea or coffee. Four years of making, the Coca-Cola Company in Japan launched the new and  world first hot fizzy  beverage, Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale.

Monster High™ & Limkokwing Against Bullying Competition

Monster High and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) took a creative stance against bullying with the anti-bullying competition open to all Limkokwing Cyberjaya students. This is to raise awareness on the rising issue of bullying in Malaysia.

Sky Drive Into A Moving Vehicle

Jumping from airplane seen difficult, jumping from air plane and safe landed in a moving car seem mission impossible. A 28 year old nurse from Northern California, Katie Hansen just made it happen without any injury.

Samsung S4 Active VS Sony Xperia Z1

Seen Sony get big part of water & dust resistance smart phone and Samsung discover there was a huge market, and they come out with the S4 Active. It is S4 but slightly different and low spec with TFT screen, 8mp camera and heavy weight. 

Red Bull Monkey Run 2013 Review

To   recap , Red Bull Monkey Run was organised by Red Bull Malaysia and MYC! in University Malaya. It was my pleasure, being invited by MYC! to attend the finale on 1st November 2013. The obstacle was really out of my expectation, I thought it was bigger and more fun with the spinning obstacle.   Maybe I over expected and they will bring the real "Wipeout" to Malaysia.   Overall, It was quite fun and harder than I imagine.

Baby’s Dream Adventures

Do babies dream when they sleep, or they simply rest peacefully? Queenie Liao, a free-lance artist and mother of three boys living in California, has tried to answer this question by sharing the adventurous dramas that her child, Wengenn’s dreams during his sleep.

BOH Forest Friends Inter-school Video Competition

The BOH Forest Friends is an education programme targeting secondary schools nationwide. It is being organised for the second consecutive year. In general, the programme focuses on educating students about the importance of our forests and why it is integral to the survival of the human race as well as our flora and fauna.

New Yorkers Shocked by Telekinesis Prank

What will you do if someone spills a drink on your laptop? It happened at New York City in a coffee shop, a man spill a drink on her laptop and she gets really angry. She uses her “telekinetic powers” to lift the man off the ground and cause other supernatural trouble in an elaborate staged prank.

1000 View In A Month

Sharing is Caring, blog reach one thousand viewer in a month. We really appreciate for all your support and now we are giving out some vouchers.

The Walking Dead 4

Still remember the famous horror zombie drama, The Walking Dead? The fourth season of AMC's television series, The Walking Dead is original adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic book series is right around the corner. The Walking Dead premiered on October 13, 2013, to consist of 16 episodes.

L'Oréal Paris - All-New White Perfect Laser Overnight Treatment

Dealing with dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin tone? Turn to the first powerful sleeping beauty enhancer from L’Oréal Paris. As the latest addition to the L’Oréal Paris White perfect Laser product line, the overnight Treatment completes the beauty regime towards a flawless complexion.

Red Bull Monkey Run 2013

Being watch American Game Show, Wipeout for years but never have a chance to do it. Is time for you to move your body.  RedBull proudly present you, RedBull Monkey Run 2013 on 28Oct to 1Dec at University Malaya.  

Sony NEX-5T

Once a year, Sony has taken to replacing its NEX cameras. The Sony NEX-5T is a replacement of Sony NEX-5R, by adding a few tweaks to the existing model in the form of a power zoom lens ring and new connectivity features. It has bigger sensor that mean better picture, and with pocket-sized. This sound cool.

“Area 51” Shut Down

U.S. federal government remain shutting down, many civil servants are forced to take unpaid leave, including employees at "Area 51". Local media makes jokes about "nobody is taking care of the aliens".

Men’s Bioré Double Scrub Facial Foam

Introducing Men’s Bioré all new and improved Double Scrub Facial Foam range, an ideal scrub type facial foam for today’s active men. Formulated with Japan’s Advanced Scrub Technology with Micro-crushable Scrub, Men’s Bioré Double Scrub range works effectively in removing oil and dirt from the skin.

Android Apps Malaysian should download

MyDistress was emergency assistance application for Malaysian who lives at Selangor. Just one click you will be connecting directly to Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) Selangor. By hitting the “ON HELP” button within “Personal Alert” and “Present Location Alert”, your request for assistance will alert the Selangor Police and police personnel will be sent to your location.

Real-life Papa Smurf

62-year-old American man, Paul Karason just like ordinary people have normal skin color. But 15 years ago he tried to treat face dermatitis by started using "colloidal silver" contain germicidal and anti-bacterial effect, and he directly applied to the face. The medicine cause his skin turns to grey and blue.

New Zealand Natural @ The Curve

How you spend your weekend? I have a window shopping and grocery for my daily necessities at Mutiara Damansara. The reason I like Mutiara Damansara was it have everything, Ikea, Curve, and Tesco. Petrol is increasing, so I won’t waste my money to go multi places. When I having my window shopping, I found out that New Zealand Natural ice-cream have a new look.

Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship features the world’s best race pilots in a pure motor-sport competition that combines speed, precision and skill. Using the fastest, most agile and lightweight racing planes, pilots navigate a low-level aerial track made up of air-filled pylons 25 meters high. There are several rules and safety changes compared to the last race three years ago, but one thing remains the same: The Red Bull Air Race is the most thrilling motor sports competition in the sky.

Real Voice behind Siri

Intelligent voice assistant, Siri is one of the main features for iPhone. CNN website has a live interview with American girl, Susan Bennett who was the voice of Siri. Susan said her friend discover the voice of Siri was her. Soon, she visit Apple’s Web site and found out she was the voice.

Grimm Season 3

My favourite supernatural drama, Grimm coming back in this October. It will available on every Friday at NBC channel. It is set to consist of 22 episodes. The Grimm story is about a cop discovered he himself from Grimm Family and try to protected his friend and lovely girlfriend being hurt by “hideous monster”. David Giuntoli play as the main character, Nick Burkhardt and Bitsie Tulloch play as his girlfriend, Juliette Silverton.

What does the boss said?

To recap , Marina Shifrin was the girl who resigns with her dancing video on YouTube. The viewer’s reached 4 million in three days. Now, the Taiwanese Animation Company uploads a video on YouTube with tittle: “An Interpretive Dance From Next Media Animation Set To Kanye West's Gone”.

World Best Brands 2013

"The New York Times" reported on Interbrand annual Report 2013, Apple beat down last year's winner, Coca-Cola, and become "the world's most valuable brand". Interbrand estimated Apple's brand value is $ 98.3 billion (about 3 trillion NT dollars), an increase 28% compared with last year.

200 Lashes for Being Raped

A woman was raped and beaten by seven men on 2006 while she was attempting to retrieve a photograph from a male high school student she knew. While in her acquaintance’s vehicle, two other men got in the car and drove the woman and her friend to a secluded area where five other men met them. It was in this remote area where all seven men raped the woman.

Coolest Way To Quit Job

An American girl, Marina Shifrin quit her job at Taiwanese Animation Company by uploading a video of herself dancing Kanye West song, “Gone” video to YouTube. The viewer’s reached 4 million in just three days. Until today, there are 10 million viewers. Twitter users even clarified her as “New Hero”.

The Real Kids Happy Meal by Malaysia's Instagramer

Pretty Malaysian mother, Samantha Lee became famous after her postings of her kid's meal to her Instagram account. She is a very creative mother who turned the meals she prepared for her kids into creatively-styled plates. Her two young daughters are her inspirations to add a pinch of creativity on their meals so that they will finish their meals. She has acquired over 297, 000 follower on Instagram and she has also published how-to videos on her blog, EatzyBitzy.

Leaked photo of Nokia Lumia 1820

A suspected spy photo of the Nokia Lumia1820, indeed this should not continue to say "Nokia Lumia" has been leaked by Qxerro. Microsoft might plan to name their mobile “Lumia”, rather than “Nokia Lumia”.  This change is expected because Microsoft recently had posters of Lumia520 without Nokia logo.

Top 20 Best Franchises (part2)

USA CNN travel site named the world's best 20 Franchises. 20. Cinnabon Country of origin: United States Why we love it: A cinnamon roll big enough to use as a pillow when you slip into a sugar coma. Why its logo is easier to remember than your mother's birthday: Using the sweet smell of cinnamon and sugar as an olfactory trap, Cinnabon has been luring customers since 1985. Featuring a menu with seven variations on its classic cinnamon roll and iced beverages that typically feature whipped cream, it's found success in more than 30 countries and 750 locations. Cinnabon mot: Cinnabon uses only its own trademarked Makara cinnamon.

Top 20 Best Franchises (part1)

USA CNN travel site named the world's best 20 Franchises. 10. KidZania Country of origin: Mexico Why we love it: Seeing kids freak out about their paycheck seems only fair. Why its logo is easier to remember than where the last Winter Olympics were held: If you feel your children are a little behind on the concept of capitalism, it might be worth a visit to KidZania. Each KidZania entertainment center is a kid-sized replica of a city. On entrance, children get Kidzos, a currency they can use to purchase goods, services and play opportunities. When they run out, they can earn more by "working" at branded activities, such as making food at McDonald's, bottling Coca-Cola or piloting an Air Asia plane. Kiddie corner: Since opening in 1999, 25 million visitors have come to KidZania's 11 worldwide locations.

Knowing Samsung Note 3 In 6 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is slimmer, lighter and faster than previous Note 2. It has a 5.7-inch full high-definition screen, slightly bigger than Note 2 5.5-inch. Not only that, it’s thickness is only 8.3mm and weigh only 168g. Just for you information, it's competitor Sony Xperia Z Ultra has 6.4 TFT Triluminos Display, 6.5mm thin and 212g weight.  

Eyescream and friends - Spainish ice-cream

In Spain, there  is a shop selling Taiwanese snowflake ice. What makes it special was they re-packaging and add on imagination in it. The design studio,  Estudio  M adds “eyes” on their snowflake ice and it became so cute and adorable. Even the texture was unique because they add Italian Gelato Technic into it and become creamier. Moreover, they create few different mascot (monster) for different flavour of snowflake ice. The colourful dessert no long a dessert, it has come alive and become a new trend in market.

Idea for life: Cleaning up after yourself

In this recent months, I found out the biggest bad habit of Malaysians - They always leave their food trash on table. Do you? Absolutely not me, I can’t treat others and myself badly. As Malaysian, we are very dependant towards our parents. Oh, princes and princesses, please don’t behave like an animal, only animal won’t clean the mess they have created.

Sony Smart Lens QX100 and QX10

Smartphones have camera, but which is the best? Nokia had just launched their very first 41 megapixels camera smartphone – Lumia 1020. Who else can win Lumia 1020? The answer will be none, but Sony’s challenge comes handy with their new Xperia Z1 (Homani), that comes with 21 megapixel. “21 only mar, how to fight!”   Exactly, so Sony came out with this freaking cool gadget, QX10 and QX100 to make sure a win in this battle.