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1000 View In A Month

Sharing is Caring, blog reach one thousand viewer in a month. We really appreciate for all your support and now we are giving out some vouchers.

The Walking Dead 4

Still remember the famous horror zombie drama, The Walking Dead? The fourth season of AMC's television series, The Walking Dead is original adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic book series is right around the corner. The Walking Dead premiered on October 13, 2013, to consist of 16 episodes.

L'Oréal Paris - All-New White Perfect Laser Overnight Treatment

Dealing with dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin tone? Turn to the first powerful sleeping beauty enhancer from L’Oréal Paris. As the latest addition to the L’Oréal Paris White perfect Laser product line, the overnight Treatment completes the beauty regime towards a flawless complexion.

Red Bull Monkey Run 2013

Being watch American Game Show, Wipeout for years but never have a chance to do it. Is time for you to move your body.  RedBull proudly present you, RedBull Monkey Run 2013 on 28Oct to 1Dec at University Malaya.  

Sony NEX-5T

Once a year, Sony has taken to replacing its NEX cameras. The Sony NEX-5T is a replacement of Sony NEX-5R, by adding a few tweaks to the existing model in the form of a power zoom lens ring and new connectivity features. It has bigger sensor that mean better picture, and with pocket-sized. This sound cool.

“Area 51” Shut Down

U.S. federal government remain shutting down, many civil servants are forced to take unpaid leave, including employees at "Area 51". Local media makes jokes about "nobody is taking care of the aliens".

Men’s Bioré Double Scrub Facial Foam

Introducing Men’s Bioré all new and improved Double Scrub Facial Foam range, an ideal scrub type facial foam for today’s active men. Formulated with Japan’s Advanced Scrub Technology with Micro-crushable Scrub, Men’s Bioré Double Scrub range works effectively in removing oil and dirt from the skin.

Android Apps Malaysian should download

MyDistress was emergency assistance application for Malaysian who lives at Selangor. Just one click you will be connecting directly to Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) Selangor. By hitting the “ON HELP” button within “Personal Alert” and “Present Location Alert”, your request for assistance will alert the Selangor Police and police personnel will be sent to your location.

Real-life Papa Smurf

62-year-old American man, Paul Karason just like ordinary people have normal skin color. But 15 years ago he tried to treat face dermatitis by started using "colloidal silver" contain germicidal and anti-bacterial effect, and he directly applied to the face. The medicine cause his skin turns to grey and blue.

New Zealand Natural @ The Curve

How you spend your weekend? I have a window shopping and grocery for my daily necessities at Mutiara Damansara. The reason I like Mutiara Damansara was it have everything, Ikea, Curve, and Tesco. Petrol is increasing, so I won’t waste my money to go multi places. When I having my window shopping, I found out that New Zealand Natural ice-cream have a new look.

Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship features the world’s best race pilots in a pure motor-sport competition that combines speed, precision and skill. Using the fastest, most agile and lightweight racing planes, pilots navigate a low-level aerial track made up of air-filled pylons 25 meters high. There are several rules and safety changes compared to the last race three years ago, but one thing remains the same: The Red Bull Air Race is the most thrilling motor sports competition in the sky.

Real Voice behind Siri

Intelligent voice assistant, Siri is one of the main features for iPhone. CNN website has a live interview with American girl, Susan Bennett who was the voice of Siri. Susan said her friend discover the voice of Siri was her. Soon, she visit Apple’s Web site and found out she was the voice.

Grimm Season 3

My favourite supernatural drama, Grimm coming back in this October. It will available on every Friday at NBC channel. It is set to consist of 22 episodes. The Grimm story is about a cop discovered he himself from Grimm Family and try to protected his friend and lovely girlfriend being hurt by “hideous monster”. David Giuntoli play as the main character, Nick Burkhardt and Bitsie Tulloch play as his girlfriend, Juliette Silverton.

What does the boss said?

To recap , Marina Shifrin was the girl who resigns with her dancing video on YouTube. The viewer’s reached 4 million in three days. Now, the Taiwanese Animation Company uploads a video on YouTube with tittle: “An Interpretive Dance From Next Media Animation Set To Kanye West's Gone”.

World Best Brands 2013

"The New York Times" reported on Interbrand annual Report 2013, Apple beat down last year's winner, Coca-Cola, and become "the world's most valuable brand". Interbrand estimated Apple's brand value is $ 98.3 billion (about 3 trillion NT dollars), an increase 28% compared with last year.

200 Lashes for Being Raped

A woman was raped and beaten by seven men on 2006 while she was attempting to retrieve a photograph from a male high school student she knew. While in her acquaintance’s vehicle, two other men got in the car and drove the woman and her friend to a secluded area where five other men met them. It was in this remote area where all seven men raped the woman.

Coolest Way To Quit Job

An American girl, Marina Shifrin quit her job at Taiwanese Animation Company by uploading a video of herself dancing Kanye West song, “Gone” video to YouTube. The viewer’s reached 4 million in just three days. Until today, there are 10 million viewers. Twitter users even clarified her as “New Hero”.

The Real Kids Happy Meal by Malaysia's Instagramer

Pretty Malaysian mother, Samantha Lee became famous after her postings of her kid's meal to her Instagram account. She is a very creative mother who turned the meals she prepared for her kids into creatively-styled plates. Her two young daughters are her inspirations to add a pinch of creativity on their meals so that they will finish their meals. She has acquired over 297, 000 follower on Instagram and she has also published how-to videos on her blog, EatzyBitzy.

Leaked photo of Nokia Lumia 1820

A suspected spy photo of the Nokia Lumia1820, indeed this should not continue to say "Nokia Lumia" has been leaked by Qxerro. Microsoft might plan to name their mobile “Lumia”, rather than “Nokia Lumia”.  This change is expected because Microsoft recently had posters of Lumia520 without Nokia logo.