Monster High™ & Limkokwing Against Bullying Competition

Monster High and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) took a creative stance against bullying with the anti-bullying competition open to all Limkokwing Cyberjaya students. This is to raise awareness on the rising issue of bullying in Malaysia.

Participants required to submit their most creative and inspiring work in the form of songs, videos, T-shirts and posters, all carrying the same simple but powerful message that will help create anti-bullying awareness: “Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be A Monster.” tagline. The winner, Team Alpha was given a Certificate of Achievement and Monster High merchandise worth RM500.

Monster High™’s storyline revolves around the high-school life of teenage monsters who are descendants of some of the world’s most famous monsters. Being monsters, they all have their little quirks, flaws and imperfections – all of which reflects their monster heritage.

With the aim of empowering kids to embrace their individuality, Monster High™ injects fun and humor into their brand storyline, focusing on the journey of self-discovery, acceptance and being proud of who you are. 



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