List of Best Android Smartphone under RM1000

Not everyone have a high budget on their expenses especially teenagers. What smartphones they will get under RM1000 for their desire “premium” smartphones? For this reason we been done some research on smartphones in Malaysia, and finally we found three of the most valuable smartphone for teenagers.

The results are based on personal opinion and experience.  

Cheap and high performance – Motorola Moto G
Just released few weeks ago, the Moto G is included in top of our list of consideration. This has the higher screen resolution and pixel density display of them all. Besides that, its own a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, same as Samsung S4 mini. Others than that, it was the most high internal memory storage with 16GB and the only one didn’t support expandable memory. Moto G will arrive on January 2014 and RRP will be around RM799.

Official Video: Meet Moto G

Stylish and elegant – Sony Xperia C
With its own Xperia family look, Sony Xperia C has a better design from other two. It is the biggest screen in this comparison with 5’inch TFT. Besides that, it also features a pretty decent 8MP rear camera and 1080 HD video recording. That mean among three this was the best camera you ever have under RM1000. It is available in a dual-SIM variant too. Sony Xperia C is available in market and RRP around RM909.

Smart and convenient – Samsung Ace 3
The Samsung Galaxy Ace was very popular device here and even I myself own one before.  This year they launch their third generation of it and it improved well.  Ace 3 mostly the cheapest 4G-LTE smartphone available in market right now. The designs remain the same, but still the lightest and thinner body among three.  One of the differences than two above is, it has a removable battery. Samsung Ace 3 is available in market and RRP around RM779.

*Price maybe variant in market, please refer to retailer for more information. 



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