Aviate Homescreen for Android by Yahoo! Review

Yahoo Aviate is a launcher for your Android that will simplify how you use your phone. It removes clutter, automatically organizes your apps and knows when to show you the information you need, at the time it’s useful for you.

Traffic conditions on your morning commute; intelligent calendar features at work; music apps and widgets when you plug in your headphones - plus your most-used apps on your center screen so you never have to hunt for them again.

The primary home screen icon can be simply selected and moved to your favourite icon. On the left is your Spaces which will automatically swap out throughout your day. The space will detect where you are and giving some useful tips recommend by others.

They even suggest top news and remind you events to attend on the Spaces. You can also customize any widgets and arrange the order of collection to suit your views.

Swipping to the right is your application installed on your phone. The Aviate automatically help you categorize into different genres. Another one more swipe leading you to whole application list that been arranged in order by alphabet.

You may simply download Yahoo Aviate here, http://bit.ly/1trq9rF and if you wish to change the icon like mine (Voxel Icon Pack by Benas Dzimidas) download here, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.benx9.palmtree&hl=en

For more information: http://aviate.yahoo.com/



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