Candle Pit Stop Review

Being inspired by scented candle block, Candle Pit Stop present you the first dry sand form candle in Malaysia. Located at IPC shopping mall, their unique kiosk designs make it stand out from others.

Candle Pit Stop uses their very own Waxbitz which is totally eco-friendly and made from 100% vegetable wax, making it burn well and safe with no chemical releasing soot!

 Choose from their 10 base colours and scents or mix them up to your liking till you've created that perfect scent and colour to suit your mood, event or theme! Perfect for any occasions, any place and at any time! All you need is some heat proof container and creativity!

It's fun when you get to creatively mix and create your own unique candle with Waxbitz! At Candle Pit Stop, select to suit to your event colour theme or choose till perfection the blend of scent you love!

They providing sample for customer to smell the aroma before making purchase decision. Some pre-mix flavour such as Made in USA, Ben10 and Tropical Hawaii always in the top list.

The best part of Waxbitz is, you can reuse the candle after the burn. Don't worry about the aroma of scented, it still smell like new from package.

How to use Waxbitz by Candle Pit Stop:



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