New Nissan Technology

Nissan just upload a video clips one week ago with Nissan Technology in ALL-NEW CROSSOVER SUV. In 3 minutes and 3 second, they show out their cool technology and that is awesome. This feature is very convenient and useful.

Active ride control makes you drive like dolphin. It stabilize you when crossing bump. Active trace control and active engine control make you cornering smooth and safe.

They built in sensor all over the car with blind spot warning system. The car will notes you when any others cars come nearby and emergency braking system help you avoid from accidents.

Parking assist is no longer new feature. I saw some of carmaker done it before such as Ford and BMW. What make Nissan different is it supports parallel & reverse parking. Nissan is really helping those "KopiLesen" and some "female" driver.
(Opps, is that you I am talking?!)

The last things reveal in the video is NissanConnect. All the entertainments now fit in 7 inch colour screen and you can connect social network, messaging and picture just in your fingertips.

Personally, I am excited for this technology fit into our life and when it do, more and more feature will be created.




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