ENTERTAINER 手机应用程序 Apps 2018 Launching NOW!

时间过得很快,又来到了年尾。ENTERTAINER 手机应用程序以迫不及待宣布2018年最新产品及促销呢!现在购买2018除了免费附加产品外,还以不可能的价格购买得到哦!
Time flies fast and now end of year 2017 is fast approaching.  My personal favourite reward/ discount mobile application "ENTERTAINER" is launching its latest 2018 products with better saving and more offers. For a limited time period, customers can save up to RM240 off the regular price on the 2018 products. Apart from that, you’ll also immediately get to unlock 2017 offers so you can start saving right away!

Sharing with you peeps, a little bit more about The Entertainer. It is a publisher of buy one get one free (2 for 1) offers for restaurants, leisure attractions, spas, and even hotel accommodation. The Entertainer has 46 products including books and apps, which covered 40 destinations across 15 countries.

The new ENTERTAINER Malaysia 2018 is offering RM 458,000 in savings for customers across Malaysia with over 1,500 different offers. New brands for 2018 include Angry Birds Activity Park, Shakespeare Milkshakes, Mega Water Sports and many more. Something new for next year is Bali 2018. What’s that? Bringing you the best of Bali, it features offers to use when travelling there. Customers can enjoy the best restaurants, spas, beach clubs, bars and cafes across the island.

Malaysia 2018 includes over 1,500 Buy One Get One Free and discount offers for dining, attractions, leisure activities, retail and services. Top brands include San Francisco Coffee, WonderMama, Mandara Spa, Salad Atelier, Moo Cow, Bijan, Angry Birds Activity Park & many more.
Early Bird Offer: RM75 (RRP RM145) With FREE Cheers Malaysia 2018, Bali 2018 + Travel 2018 (including Hotels Worldwide and ENTERTAINER getaways) - Total Value RM315

Malaysia Cheers 2018 includes hundreds Buy One Get One Free offers for the best restaurants and upmarket bars.  PAUS Craft Bar, Taps Beer Bar, Stratosphere, View Rooftop Bar, Berlin KL, Zion Club KL and more.Early Bird Offer: RM45 (RRP RM95) With FREE Hotels Worldwide Travel 2018 + ENTERTAINER 2017

Bali 2018 includes hundreds of Buy One Get One Free offers for the best restaurants, spas, beach clubs, bars and cafes across the island. Top brands include Cocoon, Nude Canggu, Pison Coffee, Creamery Bar and more.
Early Bird Offer: FREE with purchase of Malaysia 2018 (RRP RM75)

Hurry to purchase now before the Early Bird Offers runs out. For further information about the ENTERTAINER, please visit https://www.theentertainerme.com/home/malaysia



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