Minamotonoya Cafe Western Japanese Restaurant Review

Located hidden in Glass City, a unique restaurant make itself stand out from the neighbourhood. The restaurant named Minamotonoya Café, is a Western Japanese Restaurant owned by the Master Chef, Mr. Nexus. People may take some time to search for it, so make it easier; it just opposite Bank Islam. 

The café look just like the name, which in very Japanese style; yet the moment entering the restaurant, the environment is very modern, comfortable and relaxing. In the restaurant, customer may like to have a precious moment any time.

They served drink which served in coffee shop; foods and dessert in Western Japanese. Minamotonoya Café is the balance between the Asian and the Western style. Their price range is in middle ranges which start at RM6.90.

From Ciabatta bread to bacon, Minamotonoya Café has everything handmade in their kitchen. Kick start your day with their Bacon Egg Sandwiches with only RM10.90 and its guarantee daily fresh and taste right from market.

We had served with their three signatures spaghetti which are Wafu Shimeji Mushroom Aglio-Olio RM10.90, Spaghetti served with Teriyaki Chicken RM13.90 and the best, Spaghetti served with Fried Cheese Pork Chop RM15.90.

Basically, the spaghetti taste mostly same and only the differences is the topping. For pork lovers, don’t waste your time choosing in their menu and straight forward by ordering the Spaghetti served with Fried Cheese Pork Chop. You definitely will ask for more fried cheese pork.

Don’t forget get yourself a dessert after meal with their daily fresh cake. They have different cake everyday depend on your luck. We request Mr.Nexus to prepare their signature Tofu Cheese Cake RM9.90 and Water Mochi RM6.90 for our dessert.

The Tofu Cheese cake tastes just like tofu texture and with a hint of cheese flavour. It just balances your mouth after meal. You also can try out other cakes like Green Tea cake and Chocolate cake.

The most unique is their water mochi which ingredients are imported from Japan with affordable prices. Water Mochi which is white grass jelly being served on side with brown sugar syrup and roasted soya bean powder. It look cute and adorable in picture, so what you waiting for? Capture and upload to your social media before you bite it.

For more Information: www.facebook.com/minamotonoya

Address: C3 , Jalan Radin Anum 1, Glass City, Bandar Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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