Event: Astro Ponggu Tamil Batu Cave Review

Astro Vinmeen HD have launched Ponggu Tamil Ground Event called ‘Ponggu Tamil’ today promoting various endangered arts mostly which are intangible heritage cultural assets. These celebrations of Indian Arts and culture will be happening in 5 selected places like Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Teluk Intan and Kuala Lumpur. Indian traditional dances and foods will be performed and demonstrated by the people from its origin.

The Ponggu Tamil initiative is a celebration of Indian traditions and art forms, and was triggered by the warm reception to its events at last year’s Ponggal, the Hindu harvest festival which falls annually on Jan 14. It is also a concept of the arts which will reflect the shared Socio-Cultural experiences of the people of India and the local Indian community. 

The local Indian community is waiting for such a festival that brings art closer to their homes and lives. For many, it will bring the sweet memories of their olden days. As for the younger generation the sheer energy of folk rhythms with intensity of the presentation and colours are electrifying and enthralling.

Ponggu Tamil is meant to reflect the shared socio-cultural experiences of the people of India and the local Indian community.

Astro also have produced special song for this Ponggu Tamil event to promote Indian Arts and Culture to society. Thus Astro has taken many ways to promote our Indian tradition to reach the large society.

For more Information: www.astro.com.my



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