Lifestyle: Malaysia IT Fair August 2015 COMING SOON

Malaysia went through a lot of things this 2015. The most concern is Goods and Services Tax (GST) which make most of the prices increased. Now no more worry, here some good news for you! Malaysia IT Fair is back this August 2015. You can enjoy buying things such as tech, gadget, software and hardware in the exhibition. This will be the place where all your needs gather in one and easy for us to shop in more affordable price.

This August Fair will be a brand new experiences with more attractive promotion, seminar and even new segment called TECHBIZ. What you can think off when talking about IT Fair is all about IT products and that all. It kinda boring and you can only spend one hour or max 2hours inside. How about while you shop, and you can learn some knowledge or even spend your whole day inside?!

TECHBIZ is a new Business Platform combining Exhibition and Seminar”, making it the 1st ever comprehensive avenue in ICT industry. Come and experience the new business platform that allows you to explore latest technology trends at the exhibition and gain up-to-date knowledge by attending seminar that fit boyth personal and business needs. Register now to receive a mystery gift and reserve a seat for the seminar!

Me and my bloggers friends had attends the MOBITE exhibition pass months invited by the same organizer of this August Malaysia IT Fair. We really enjoy our 3 hours inside the exhibition with eating & drinking, grab and shop for superb low price (RM0.28 for 16GB memory card or laptop bag). Read my previous review here:

Stay tuned for more about August 2015 Malaysia IT Fair at my blog soon


  1. Yay it's gonna be fun! Can't wait to go

  2. I'm hoping to get a new HD at bargain price

  3. I want a HD too.... hehehe... so excited like a kid....

  4. Nakkkk...nak ikut!
    Ogos kan!

    Kolin zainal

  5. Getting my great deals there again and if possible, would love to join the seminar too. See you again next week and thanks for the post here

  6. Thanks for your help on last MOBITE. See you again next week! I try to blog as I can learn :)

  7. banyak bagus, see u guys there!

  8. informative post! can't wait to go =)




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