Lifestyle: Guardian Les Tentation Mediterraneennes Bath & Body Care

The largest pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain, Guardian launching their new premium Les Tentation Mediterraneennes Bath & Body Care past weeks. It is ideal for fragrance layering starting with shower cream for cleansing, the body scrub for exfoliating an the body product to seal in moisture, extend skin benefits and sustain a more intense, complex top-to toe fragrance that will stay with you.

Les Tentation Mediterraneennes come in three variants of Rose Water, Seed Oil and Mimosa Water which each variants comprises of shower cream, body scrub, body lotion, body butter and hand cream. Guardian claims it has no added chemicals such as parabens, soap and lanolin and been dermatologically tested and proven.

Rose Water featuring Italian alphine apple, Greek pink rockrose and eco-certified French rose water. It helps moisturise and lightening for mature and dry skin.

Grape Seed Oil featuring French malt barley, Albanian sweet violet and eco-certified mefiterranean Grape Seed Oil. It function as anti aging and renewal skin.

Mimosa Water feature with French saffon, Spanish licorice and eco-certified French Mimosa Water. This variant had use for centuries for soothing and moisturizing benefits.

You can get this product range at all Guardian outlets and also their online store at



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