GSC Premieres D-BOX Motion Seats in Malaysia

Just imagine the scene of a fast speed car chase whereby you can feel the vibrations in your cinema seat and the cinema chairs moving in sync as the car swerves to the right or to the left.  D-BOX, as per its official tagline “Your Movie in Motion”  offers movie fans perfectly synchronized motions with the movie scenes.  

The leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Screen Cinemas premieres the first D-BOX motion seats in Malaysia at the media launch event at GSC 1 Utama (Hall 3) today. Malaysian movie-goers will now have an unmatched immersive movie experience as they can now be part of the movie being featured on-screen.   

GSC customers will experience movements and vibrations from the D-BOX motion seats – subtle pitch, roll and heave as the seats shifts you up and down, right or left , or even front and back.  The D-BOX seats will be activated with each paid D-BOX movie ticket and customers can control the intensity of the movements – from HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW to OFF.Tickets for the movies in D-BOX and Dolby Atmos format here in GSC 1 Utama will be priced at RM32.00, an additional RM5.00 surcharge will be applicable if the movie is in 3D digital format.  

The seats are also weight triggered which means each activated seat will only move once a customers sits on the seat. This also means the seat will stop all movement when the customers get out of the seat. 

For more information: or  

Get your D-BOX tickets now via the GSC Mobile App, or GSC1Utama ticketing counter



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