Samsung Galaxy Life User Benefits

To recap, Samsung Galaxy Life is an application special for Samsung Mobile users. This application providing all kind of promotion and benefits to Samsung Mobile fans. On April 2014, they started free benefits with cooperation with Living Social at selected Starbucks store. The events hits a success and within weeks they again providing Baskin Robin for Free. This time, Samsung Galaxy Life will again benefit their fans with a cup of Free Caramel Ribbon Crunch or Banana Caramel Cream Frappuccino at ALL STORES except Genting stores.

5th June, 7pm-8pm

The Free Frappuccino will be started at 5pm to 7pm on 27&28th May only. Please make sure you are ready and be around of ANY Starbucks Stores in Malaysia.

What Samsung Mobile users need to do is, first update your Samsung Apps Account and then install Samsung Galaxy Life App (If you don’t have one) Simple by create an account and start to explore the benefits. REDEEM your e-voucher when you're at the outlet (watch out! there's a timer to that e-voucher)

Others than that, Galaxy Life also Free music for their users. Total of 50 FREE Universal Music song can be downloads from GALAXY Music! Act fast for it is only for a limited time and on a first come first serve basis! All you gotta do is download the app from, activate it, look for the deal and redeem! Then, log on to to key in your voucher code! What are you waiting for?! Stay tuned for even more rewards!



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