Texas Fried Chicken Malaysia Review

I love fried chicken, anyone don’t like it? I guess no, haha! Today introduced you a very delicious fried chicken from the state, Texas Chicken. Texas Chicken's started since 1952 and now local franchise partner, Etika International Holdings, bring it in to Malaysia. They plan to open 80 Texas Chicken restaurants nationwide in the next 10 years.

They serve fried chicken in original favour and also spicy favour, coleslaw, fries, burger, wraps, nuggets and as well as the signature honey butter-biscuits. You can have unlimited refill of Southern tea and soft drink on the corner of restaurant. 

The fried chicken was really really good! In every bite you can feel the tender and juiciness and the part was “real chicken” size not birds size.

The environment was very good and the staff was very friendly. Only one mistake was they run out of spicy chicken. This was very serious mistake, and I forgive them because they are new and don’t know when is the peak hours. Have been ate KFC for years and bored? Why not go to Texas outlets and try out theirs!

For more Information: http://www.texaschickenmalaysia.com/



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