"Sweetie"created to target Paedophiles Worldwide

A 10 year old computer-generated Filipino girl named “Sweetie” appeared and active on social network. In ten week time, she attracted more than twenty thousand Paedophiles and asking show her naked. 

She helped identify over 1,000 adult paedophiles around the world.  The maximum number of paedophiles were identified in the United States with 254, followed by 110 in Britain and 103 in India.  Shocked to say, five paedophiles are Singaporean.

This project was work by an international charitable humanitarian federation. According to the organisation, children across the world are becoming victims of international online sex crime, a new form of child exploitation that is spreading like an epidemic in the face of internet technology development. The organisation has handed over the video footage of the child predators to the police authorities.

Video: Stop webcam child sex tourism!



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