Julie’s LINE Brown Cookies

The collaboration of Julie’s biscuits and LINE Malaysia just launch a limited edition LINE Brown’s Cookies gift box to celebrate the end of 2013. Julie’s LINE Brown’s Cookies limited edition gift boxes are specially designed by LINE’s professional designers in Korea and customized for this festive season. Each gift box is also complimented with a unique Julie’s bookmark.

Julie's Oat 25 Choc crunchy cookies, rich in dietary fiber packed with wholesome oatmeal, hazelnut and real dark chocolate chips will definitely create a dark chocolaty spike in your taste bud. Unlike the usual chocolate oatmeal cookies, the richness in minerals and dietary fiber allow people to seek balance between indulgence and wellness of health


As part of its appreciation to consumers for all their support, Julie’s will be doing roadshows at selected AEON malls together with the lovely Julie’s and LINE mascot. To find their event, follow them on www.facebook.com/Julies Biscuits or LINE Malaysia official account which is LINE Event (LINE ID: @lineeventmy).



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