Samsung S4 Active VS Sony Xperia Z1

Seen Sony get big part of water & dust resistance smart phone and Samsung discover there was a huge market, and they come out with the S4 Active. It is S4 but slightly different and low spec with TFT screen, 8mp camera and heavy weight. 

Get back to the topic, when consumer wanted water & dust resistance smart phone which one will they choose? Samsung or Sony? Let compare and see which one better.

Both of it support 4G Network (LTE), same internal memory 16GB with microSD card slot, and Sony favourite TFT screen. What surprised me is Samsung use TFT screen for S4 Active than Super AMOLED. Is it Samsung try to copy what Sony do? Thinking…

Z1 has slightly bigger size but thinner than S4 Active. What make Z1 interesting is the 20.7 megapixel G-Lens Camera and comes with bigger sensor size 1/2.3. In fact, G-Lens was Sony own technology use on their camera and now they squeeze it into their “best of Sony”. Other than that, better CPU and Chipset also make Z1 superior.

Both designs have their own family look and people have different taste of senses. It depends on your own either durable glass or diamond-patterned plastic. Be smart and choose your favourite phone.

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