BOH Forest Friends Inter-school Video Competition

The BOH Forest Friends is an education programme targeting secondary schools nationwide. It is being organised for the second consecutive year. In general, the programme focuses on educating students about the importance of our forests and why it is integral to the survival of the human race as well as our flora and fauna.

BOH Forest Friends Video Competition was organised by BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd (BOH) in collaboration with WWF-Malaysia, is part of an annual nationwide education programme designed to educate secondary school students about the importance of Malaysian forests and the integral role the diverse flora and fauna play in the lives of Malaysians. Supported by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia (MoE) and the Department of Environment (DoE), the programme also aims to enhance environmental awareness and empower the younger generation to become more proactive in forest conservation initiatives.

Students had to produce a short educational video which centred on the functions of trees in the ecosystem, or on the economic, social and cultural benefits of forests. The top 13 outstanding performing individuals/groups will win grand total of RM11,000. Sekolah Menengah Sains Tapah, the school with the most number of qualified entries has received RM 3,000 to be used to fund green initiatives in the school.

1st place video by Yeo Wei An -

2nd place winner by Terrance Tian Kai Wei -

3rd place winner by Chan Kai Sheng-

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