Red Bull Monkey Run 2013 Review

To recap, Red Bull Monkey Run was organised by Red Bull Malaysia and MYC! in University Malaya. It was my pleasure, being invited by MYC! to attend the finale on 1st November 2013. The obstacle was really out of my expectation, I thought it was bigger and more fun with the spinning obstacle. Maybe I over expected and they will bring the real "Wipeout" to Malaysia. Overall, It was quite fun and harder than I imagine.

The Monkey mascot was really really cute. I not sure either the guy inside was cute or the monkey itself was cute, but I feel happy like a kid every single time I saw it. 

The winner of Male and Female Category as below:

Champion: Mohd Faisal Kamalullal, Taylor's University, 46.6sec
1st Runner-Up: Wan Mohd Illyas, University Malaya, 53sec
2nd Runner-Up: Zul Fadzli Shafiee, Infrastructure University Bangi, 53,47sec

Champion: Saibah SainelUniversity Malaya, 1:16,41sec
1st Runner-Up: Sarah Chong, University Malaya, 1:16,75sec
2nd Runner-Up: Tin Wan YingUniversity Malaya, 1:21,79sec

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