Sony NEX-5T

Once a year, Sony has taken to replacing its NEX cameras. The Sony NEX-5T is a replacement of Sony NEX-5R, by adding a few tweaks to the existing model in the form of a power zoom lens ring and new connectivity features. It has bigger sensor that mean better picture, and with pocket-sized. This sound cool.

Inside the NEX-5T is a generously-sized APS-C sensor with 16.1 effective megapixels that grabs more light than the small sensor in ordinary compact cameras.

It is the first interchangeable lens E-mount camera from Sony with NFC, giving the extra convenience of One-touch wireless connection with Android smartphones and tablets1 for easy sharing and even remote control of the camera.

Wi-Fi feature lets you connect the NEX-5T with your smartphone, PC or TV and wirelessly transfer photos or videos.

Great self-shot portraits are simple with the tiltable LCD screen that flips up to 180° for a comfortable view with the camera held at arm’s length.

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