Event: MegaKidz Little Flower Fun Gathering CSR Program

MegaKidz at Mid Valley Mega Mall are everyone childhood memory. We use to play at there when we are young. Today, MegaKidz organizing a charity event as a part of their CSR program, called "Little Flower Kids Fun Gathering". It is an event where allowed privilege children from Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation play along with invited guest and their children.

Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation , founded by Gigi Leung, Sinje Lee, Charlie Young and Valen Hsu 7 years ago, aims at helping ameliorating the learning conditions for the children whose potential has not yet been fully tapped due to the living conditions and economic factors.

Early in the morning before the shopping mall operate, over three hundred kids appear at the venue. After register, every kids can enjoy all facilities in MegaKidz and also photo booth session provided. Others than that, they can also participate in colouring contest that can win back home one year of MegaKidz membership.

During the event, what I can heard is those kids happily screaming and smiling. It remind me of how simple of happiness was when I was small. What kids need just accompany and loves by their parents, not the ipad. Nowadays, parent think technologies can help them to “look after” their child, but in fact not.

Few of the privilege kids from Little Yellow Flower Foundation tell me how happy they are today and their even shake our hands to thanks us for their happy holidays.

CSR can be define as (company) return back to the community, that make our community have a better tomorrow. I hope more company or cooperate out there care for those kids as kids is our country future.



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