Event: Astro International Superstar 2015

Named from "Vaanavil Padalthiran Potti" to "International Superstar", it is an Astro singing competition for the past 14 years with an aim of producing best singers in our country. This competition received an inexhaustible support from public in Malaysia.

Following the trends and audiences requirement, Astro Malaysia will organizing internationally for its very first time. Five countries are going to take part in this competition and fifteen participants who are then will be grouped into 3 groups. This new International Superstar competition will definitely be a grand stage for all participants.

Each group will be guided by a mentor and vocal trainer. They are Mano Indian multi-talented artist, Sirpy and Adithyan an Indian film score and soundtrack composer, and also vocal trainers Maria Roshni Vincent, Prashanthini and Deepika. All participants will take part in the training from beginning till the end, which will be commenced for 6 weeks.

Malaysia’s local artist and also prominent announcer Gantheeban and 360 degree host Sathya will be hosting this program. The grand competition will judged by the popular actor and also great playback singer T.Rajendren, music director Satya and female playback singer Shobana Chandrasekhar. These three judges will judge the talents and will only choose two fittest groups for the competition.

Total of two hundred ten thousand USD will be given to the winner groups.

For more information: www.astro.com.my



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