Event: Unprivillege Child CSR Programs by Galactic Laser

In associate with Rumah Victory a home for underprivileged children, including orphans, rebellious youth, and children from dysfunctional families located at Taman OUG. Galactic Laser brings some entertainment to these children by turning them into warriors and have fun for a day. The main objective of this is allowed those orphans relax their mind set.

They being divide into groups and this let them understand power of strength in team form. All of them giving hundred percents of effort to make sure they can win this “war”. After the game, they all can’t wait to reveal the result.

As additional information, Galactic Laser tag games is a laser light gun shooting game that no bullet release out. Every shoot will be count and recorded by system. So don’t worry and let yourself fully enjoy the “war”.

Visit the “Rumah Vitory” when free to give them some “cares” and “loves”.

For more information: www.galacticlaser.com



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