Event: Oh Chentaku Young Hearts Gathering

Oh Chentaku is Malaysia Local band formed in year 2007. They have been gigging around including series of tours to Indonesia, Singapore and frontman, Myo toured to places like Luzern, Zurich, Manchester, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Lugano, Tokyo, Bangkok, York to name few.

It's called Oh Chentaku (translation: Oh! My love/ Pronouncing: "Ocean Taco"). Plays Rock and progressing other influences such as Punk and Electro/Dubstep. Oh Chentaku consists of 6 friends: Myo, Naem, Jimmy, Amber, Wawa and Jack.

Oh Chentaku Young Hearts Gathering is sponsored by Galactic Laser, Mid Valley Megamall branch to make their fans gathering a success. Oh Chentaku is currently touring around Malaysia to promote the newly released 3rd album "YOUNGHEARTS" and performing on the award-winning reality tv show, "Versus (Season 2)" Live on TV9 Every Friday.

With a very “young hearts”, all of them grab their suit up and gun loaded. Split to four groups with the lead of Myo, Naem, Jimmy, Amber, Wawa and Jack, they team up to “fight” in the dark. Once enter the battle field, the war start with people running around.

To recap, Galactic Laser tag games is a laser light gun shooting game that no bullet release out. Every shoot will be count and recorded by system and will be shown on screen at the end of the game.



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