Lifestyle: NEUTRAX Cultured Coconut Extract

What is NEUTRAX? NEUTRAX is Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide by Felda Wellness Corporation. It is a liquid solution that can be used for consumption and for skin, hair, and nails. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in science and technology that is obtained using FWC’s proprietary Advanced Microaerophilic Fermentation Platform.

It is all natural with no chemical substance and researched in San Francisco, USA.  NEUTAX has been tested to be effective that contains a large proportion of Lauric Acid. Lauric Acid is found only in breast milk, is well known to improve energy levels, boost immunity, regulate hormones, stabilize sugar levels and boost cellular healing process.

NEUTRAX Original can be consumed to cleanse, restore and balance your body to its optimal level. It help to protects body from harmful free radicals and oxidation. The body immunity systemwill be active and enhances life span and cell growth. NEUTRAX Original is good for those high cholesterol and diabetes person to consume.

NEUTRAX Therapy Oil can be used to protect, nourish and revitalise skin, hair and nails for a healthier and more glowing you. It helps to promote healing for burns and scars, cell renewal and restoration.

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