White Ribbon Run & Walk by AWAM

The White Ribbon Campaign is a campaign where men break the silence to say "No to Violence Against Women". The All Women's Action Society (AWAM) a annual fund-raising effort, hosting their second White Ribbon Campaign, which provides a platform for men and boys to break their silence on the issue of violence against women and girls. AWAM had raised RM160,000 in 2013 and hope to raise RM200,000 this year.

This campaign will commemorate in a Run & Walk in December. Here are the details of the event:
Date: 7 December 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 7:00a.m.
Venue: Padang Merbok

Men will be walking in the shoes of women for 100m before the Run & Walk, recognising and breaking the silence to end violence against women. Please contact AWAM if you want to be part of this honorable walk which will be in silence.

You can make a difference in creating a safer environment for women and girls in the homes, workplace, public spaces by participating in the White Ribbon Run and Walk and informing and inviting your friends to participate too. To register for the White Ribbon Campaign Run & Walk, kindly visit www.awam.org.my

To fundraise and donate to us, kindly visit www.simplygiving.com/event/WRCRunAndWalk2014



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