The Original Zombie Obstacles Run MAEPS SERDANG 2014

All the way from the US, it has finally landed here in Malaysia! The world's most thrilling run is here! There's running! There's Obstacles! There's Zombies! And even an Apocalypse Party after the run for everyone to come together and have fun!

Not to be mixed up with the Zombie Run, Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2014 is the real deal! With events happening all around the world including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and many more. We are proud to bring this iconic event to the Malaysian capital.

Happening at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang( MAEPS ) on the 13th December 2014. It promises to be an event not to be missed!

Participants may choose to be Survivors or Zombies:
Survivors run through the 5KM race route which is littered with Zombies at specific areas and overcome obstacles set in their path while carrying 3 (Three) red life flags attached to a belt worn around the waist in which they must protect in order to "survive" the Apocalypse.

Zombies will be given professional make-up so that they may better scare, chase, and grab the Survivor's life flags as they run by while being stationed at specific Zombie Zones!
There will also be a Costume Competition opened to all participants, so do come in your best outfit!

The Apocalypse Party starts at 7PM all the way to 10PM for everyone to enjoy which is opened to all, even spectators! There will also be games, food & drinks for everyone to share at the event site throughout the whole day.

Event starts from 8AM - 10PM.Runs will be conducted based on a wave format. Participants entitled to 1 RFYL MY T-Shirt, 1 Goodie bag & 1 Medal.



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