Kenny Rogers ROASTERS' All Day Snack Food Review

Eating in-between meals and having that extra bite to munch on during meals are now a healthy affair thanks to Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR). The expert in Rotisserie-roasted chicken has added four new tasty treats available as an add-on option for meals or as an à la carte snack on its own.

Baked to perfection, KRR offers its latest All Day Snack promotion to dine-in guests with choices of Crispy Sea-rific Wonton and Much-shroom Munchies for seafood and mushroom lovers. You may don’t believe these are fully baked fresh from oven, rather than deep fried.

To those who prefer to savour snacks with a hint of spiciness, Fiery Flaming Wings and Hot Chic Tenders are definitely the ones to go for. Both chicken are bring a hint of spicy but still acceptable, and you definitely gonna love it.

Guests may also have it all by ordering Kenny’s Share-it Platter, featuring all four of the above items, together with special baked chicken meatballs and chicken cocktail sausages served with KRR’s signature BBQ sauce. This platter can be served up to 4 persons and you may try six different treats at once.

For purchase of any main meals at KRR including the Salad Meal, Kenny’s Chicken Meal, Pasta Meal and Healthy Bites, guests may choose to snack on either Crispy Sea-rific Wonton, Much-shroom Munchies (available nationwide soon), Fiery Flaming Wings or Hot Chic Tenders at only RM 6.00*. Guests may also order the snacks à la carte at RM 9.90* each or Kenny’s Share-it Platter at RM 23.90*.

*Prices vary at Genting Highlands & KLIA 2.



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