Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia 2014

Malaysia’s largest coffee & art festival had returns and bringing more os the best of speciality coffee, music, arts and culture. Organised by Racing Creatures Sdn Bhd, the Coffee and Art Fringe Festival Asia 2014 (CAFFA) will be held from the 26th- 29th September at PUBLIKA. Covering the Publika areas of the Boulevard, The Square and MapKL,  this family-oriented consumer and trade event truly celebrates the wonderful rise of the speciality coffee scene, music, arts and culture.

CAFFA is a wonderfull platform for coffee appreciation, education and coffee drinking opportunities as well as be a celebration of the arts in its many forms - be it via music, theatre or visual. Very generally speaking,  CAFFA embodies the soul of a fringe festival. Fringe Festivals are focused on the performing arts: theatre, dance, puppetry, spoken word and the like make up the Fringe core, but often may include film and visual arts elements. Fringes don't have a focus on a single discipline or genre, but are a performing-arts smorgasbord.  Furthermore there are no limits on content or title; no censorship is applied in the hopes of spurring creativity.

This year, CAFFA will have over 30 innovative speciality coffee industry exhibitors including artisanal bakers,  soda and ice-cream vendors; an Espresso Martini Launch Party;  The 1st Asia Coffee Symposium Programme dedicated to coffee enthusiasts and professionals;  Live Barista demonstrations and brewing; A Latte Art Street Jam;  Tempatan Fest;  Numinous Live Poetry and Music evening; Live Bands and Street Performers; an Emerging Artist Exhibition; Photography Exhibition; Doodle Competition by the Doodict Collision and Live Graffiti Jam and much more!

CAFFA 2014 is made possible by sponsors Dankoff Coffee Specialist, Coffex Coffee, Eciatto, Nescafe, Farmhouse, Classic Coffee & Beverage,  Espressolab, Publika as well as to our associated lifestyle partners Tempatan Fest, Pop The Soda and Instagrammers  Malaysia.

As expected at the event, there will be plenty of coffee to be sampled, artworks to see and music to sooth the soul.  The event is free to the public and all ages are welcome (except for selected ticketed events)! Open from 10am-8pm!

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