Segye Mee Buffet Review

Segye Mee, a brand new concept of dining cuisine across the nation. Instant mee is not only type of food, it's also represent the food cuisine of a country. Segye Mee is proud to introduce the First Instant Mee Buffet to Malaysians. Imagine eating 136 type of instant mee with more than 25 additional side dish, turning instant mee to new level.

For new opening buffet promotion, you just need to pay RM15.90 per person instate of RM19.90. For children below 120cm just need to pay RM10.90 per person. The environment was comfortable and smoking area available too.

All you can eat mean you can eat all type of mee from different countries without borders. I had tried two pack of mee with around 10 types of side dish and it really taste good. For those going with friends may share with each others, so you can try more type of it. Don’t forget Sharing is Caring.

Free flow of soda and herbal tea was included in the buffet set and you also can try out their A la Carte drink. Thank to Segye Mee, I tried the cucumber + plum ice blended. The drink was awesome and the sweetness just right.

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    1. Hi Soon, yours cool as well. Btw, are you based on kl/pj? I saw you from penang.

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