Idea for life: Cleaning up after yourself

In this recent months, I found out the biggest bad habit of Malaysians - They always leave their food trash on table. Do you? Absolutely not me, I can’t treat others and myself badly. As Malaysian, we are very dependant towards our parents. Oh, princes and princesses, please don’t behave like an animal, only animal won’t clean the mess they have created.

“I tidy up after myself and even wipe the table with a napkin before and after we eat. I think its laziness not lifting your tray and putting the rubbish in the bin. ITs one of my pet hates.” Said Gail

 “I work at a fast food place, and that's one thing that really bugs me. We do not have bus boys and we do not get paid enough to pick up your dirty napkins or half eaten food and ketchup smeared all over the table. It's annoying because I know the people that do it were taught better.” Said unknown

Encouragement has been done a lot, in school, in polytechnics, in universities. But once they left house, their manners were also left behind. Even the biggest coffee chains in world hired Bangala to clean up Malaysian mess. Do this action make you feel noble? Deserve what you pay for?



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