Eyescream and friends - Spainish ice-cream

In Spain, there is a shop selling Taiwanese snowflake ice. What makes it special was they re-packaging and add on imagination in it. The design studio, Estudio M adds “eyes” on their snowflake ice and it became so cute and adorable. Even the texture was unique because they add Italian Gelato Technic into it and become creamier. Moreover, they create few different mascot (monster) for different flavour of snowflake ice. The colourful dessert no long a dessert, it has come alive and become a new trend in market.

This is the traditional ice cream in Taiwan. Too many sauces and toppings falling on top of a mountain ice cream.


And this is the result after Simplifying it, separating from ice cream toppings, and turn it into a sweet little monster with eyes ;)



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