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应  Entertainer Apps 手机应用程序的邀请,小编多米首次踏入在古中城的 Brotzeit 餐厅品尝久违的西式主菜。Entertainer 手机应用程序 主打让在雪隆一带的你,用更节俭的价位享用丰富的一餐。

Recently, I just visited a popular dining spot in Mid Valley Megamall for dinner. Guess which one? It’s none other than Brotzeit. This is my first time dining here and today I’m reviewing their signature main course with Entertainer Apps.

平时的Brotzeit Mid Valley 都是客似云来,高朋满座。想要吃上一顿,还得看运气是否有位坐呢!

Dinner time is super peak at Brotzeit, best to come early to grab your seats and tables. Enjoy an awesome mango beer whilst listening to the live band performance.

使用 Entertainer Apps 手机应用程序 可享有主菜买1送1优惠。每家餐厅还可享用高达3次之多,覆盖范围整个雪隆一带百家餐厅哦!吃到你不要不要的。马上下载并输入 "ENTERTAINER15" 立刻回扣 RM65。

Using ENTERTAINER app, you can now enjoy BUY 1 FREE 1 main course at Brotzeit. Good news for my blog readers, there’s a special offer just for you!

Key in my promo code "ENTERTAINER15" and you’ll instantly get RM65 instant discount when purchasing the app. For Brotzeit menu, you can choose from 8 different main course below:

第一道主食有的是德国巴伐利亚人著名家常便饭 Cheese Spatzle,有如大马河粉/果条类,配搭上起司伴炒,非常特别。Cheese Spatzle - German Bavarian specialty of homemade spatzle with assorted melted cheese topped with crisp onion rings, served with green salad.

第二道有的是Pork Medallions,采用培根包裹着顶级猪肉煎烤至熟嫩,配上奶油什菜和香脆薯条就上盘。Pork Medallions - grilled pork fillet medallions wrapped in smoked bacon served with fries and sautéed mixed vegetables.

Huhnerwurst (Spicy Chicken Sausages) @ RM40

接着有的是Spicy chicken Sausages,这可是啤酒必备拌菜啊!这5条香辣鸡肉香肠吃不停口,配上马铃薯泥和酸菜,果然绝配呢!Spicy chicken Sausages - Five spicy chicken sausage with potato salad and sauerkraut is a must have. It is best to chow down with beer.

Thuringia Bratwurst Plate @ RM43

要是你想来点不辣的香肠可以试下Thuringia Bratwurst Plate可是口齿留香的。Thuringia Bratwurst Plate - Rich savoury taste of coiled Thuringia style bratwurst was kinda funny looking but one taste of it and I’m sold! It comes together with potato-bacon-cucumber salad and sauerkraut.

Schweinekrustenbraten (Crispy Pork Belly) @ RM46

这里除了有著名的德国香肠,这道烤猪肉肯定能征服你的味蕾。One of the signature dish sliced Crispy Pork Belly is served on a bed of red cabbage, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and knuckle gravy. The crunchy skin layer is roasted to perfection and definitely is the highlight of the night.

Schweinegulasch (Pork Goulash) @ RM45

同样是Spatzle 粿的Pork Goulash,配搭德式闷猪肉。酱汁味道与众不同,却不会难以入口,配上Spatzle 粿,真的非常搭。Pork Goulash is a traditional dish inn Germany. At Brotzeit, the  braised pork goulash is made from paprika sauce with buttered spatzle. The taste is utterly unique with its aromatic pieces and pair really well with spatzle.

Braised Lamb Shank @ RM55

今晚的主角就非这道 Braised Lamb Shank 莫属咯!慢炖羊肉小腿在草药汤汁里熬煮多时,只要轻轻一拉,一大块肉就被撤下,肉甜嫩,入口即化,果然是人间美味啊!This slow braised lamb shank in herb infused gravy is the editor choice of the night. It is served with pumkin croquettes & lightly sauteed tri-coloured pepper with onion. You can easily tear off the meat and it melts right in your mouth.

Currywurst @ RM43

压轴的还有这道巨无霸 Curry wurst pork curry sausage 是超大德国猪肉香肠配上独特的徳式咖喱酱汁甜香味十足,一柱惊人啊! This giant curry wurst pork curry sausage is German signature sausage topped with sweet and spicy German chilli curry sauce and potato wedges.

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The ENTERTAINER app retails at RM145 per membership, but now you can enjoy for only RM75! (Discount: RM70 specially for you guys!) On top of that, you can get another 10% DISCOUNT by using my promo code below upon purchase at http://www.theentertainerme.com.


Brotzeit Bier and Bar Mid Valley Megamall
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
58000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2287 5516

Brotzeit Bier and Bar Sunway Pyramid
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-5638 5516



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