XES Christmas Glam Rock Party 2014 Review

For Winter season, it’s all about joyful and happiness of celebration. Invited by XES Shoe to join their “XES Christmas Glam Rock Party 2014”, SharingisCaring attend this awesome media and bloggers gathering at XES Quill City Mall branch. This year, they have themed the party “Christmas Rock & Roll” with red and black outfits.

XES Shoe is Malaysian establish shoe company created by Mr.Simpson Wong on years 2002. XES brand has more than 80 outlets branched out across all major shopping mall and retail complexes nationwide. XES specialize in bringing customer elegant and comfortable footwear with long hour wearing.

The Quill City Mall branch has nicely decorated and closes down for this private Christmas party. To make the party more happening, Ladies World Nail Beauty sponsoring manicure and pedicure services in the party to make the ladies pampered.

A&P assistant, Mr. Amir lead to make a demonstration to embellish ourselves a sandal. This DIY session added some entertainment for all guest to DIY a scandal with tools and accessories provided. Seen the scandal and accessories are more to girl, I decided gift it as Christmas present to my younger sister.

Not only that, XES Shoe also sponsored everyone a Christmas gift on the day during the event. Guest may choose any XES product in the branch according to their favourite. Then, the staffs nicely wrapped the gifts as appreciation for attending.

For the very first time, my mother received her gift during Christmas celebration. She loves the nice and elegant handbag very much.

For more information:  xesshoes.com.my or www.facebook.com/xesshoes



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