Meet Surface 2 Review

More than 6 months second generation of Microsoft Surface has launch in United States, now it finally come to Malaysia. The Surface2 was faster, lighter, thinner and better than the first generation, Surface RT.

The design remain almost the same but slightly different. What make the Suface2 most different was the two-position kick stand. The viewing angles are up to 55 degree - in addition 22 angles present on its predecessor. Others than that, the USB port are going stronger and it accepts 3.0 USB.

What I really like is the screen resolution is getting better and now with 10.6” Full HD 1920 x 1080. People who like Selfie like me, definitely will like Surface2 front facing camera at 3.5 megapixel.

The Microsoft Surface2 will priced at RM1399 for 32GB version and RM1699 for 64 GB. However, the type cover 2 or touch cover 2 are not included in price like what Microsoft Surface RT does. It will priced at RM 379 and RM 409 respectively. You can get it from Thunder Match Technology, Harvey Norman and SNS Network today. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 prices and availability remain unknown.



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